SR Rated Shutters

LPCB Certified

If security is a major concern for your premises. We have the perfect solution in High security roller shutters certified to LPS 1175. These roller shutters are insurance approved and can achieve SR2, SR3 and SR4 security rating.

Every shutter can be manufactured to suit your requirements wether it be a domestic, commercial or industrial premises.

SR2 Rated Roller Shutter

Designed to with stand an attack for up too 3 minutes with limited hand tools e.g chisels, knife, and screwdrivers.

SR3 Rated Roller Shutter

Designed to withstand an attack for up too 5 minutes with more powerful tools e.g drills, hammers and crowbars.

SR4 Rated Roller Shutters

Designed to withstand an attack for up too 10 minute with a more aggressive attack using more powerful tools e.g grinders, drills, axes and sledgehammers.

BRE Global is an independent, international certification body, offering certification of fire, security and environmental products and services, management processes and other products and systems. BRE Global listings of certificated products and services include the renowned RedBook and GreenBook.

Third-party certification lets customers know that your products and services will reliably do the jobs that they are intended to do. And it demonstrates that products and services meet appropriate standards, which can give access to new markets. Third-party certification involves the checking – by impartial experts – of manufacturing processes and services to ensure that they meet international safety, quality and performance standards. At the heart of this process are certification bodies – organisations with government approval (through UKAS accreditation) to certificate products, systems and services.

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