Maintenance and Servicing

At S.A.A. we can offer maintenance contracts that fit around you. Our checks are carried out twice a year, these consist of one maintenance inspection and one safety check and are inline with manufacturers specification. We work to provide efficient and effective service to all of our  customers. Working to a strict codes of practice at all times.

Maintenance and Servicing of Powered Gates and Industrial Doors

Powered gates and industrial door systems are generally exposed a variety of weather conditions and varying levels of use.

As with all automation equipment a preventative maintenance programme will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment, whilst ensuring regulation compliance.

The maintenance/service programme will include:

  • Full service and maintenance checks whether any faulty components need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Spray and lubricate all mechanical parts.
  • Clean circuitry of dust and other debris such as insect nests.
  • Testing of safety devices.
  • Adjustments to gate or door hardware such as rollers and hinges.
  • Realign gate/door.
  • Check and clean.
  • Check all fixings and welds.
  • Check for manual override operation.
  • Maintenance and fault report sheets with every site visit.

At this time we will also make any recommendations relating to safety devices, signage, lighting, guards, etc. To bring the systems in line with current regulations.

Service Contracts for Industrial Doors and Powered Gates

Seven reasons to service your equipment:

  1. Servicing industrial doors and powered gates is a legal requirement.
  2. (Provision of workplace equipment regulations 1998).
  3. As an employer you must ensure that the work equipment you provide meets the following requirements: suitable for use for the purpose and conditions in which it is used.
  4. Maintained in a safe condition so that people’s health and safety is not at risk.
  5. Inspected by a competent person and a record kept until the next inspection.
  6. Servicing prolongs the life of the equipment and also ensures that it is kept in good working order.
  7. Servicing helps prevent accidents. Ensuring the door is in a safe and efficient condition can help prevent accidents and damage which would result in down time affecting work flow and creating loss of revenue.
All service contracts include a 25% reduced fee on call outs throughout the duration of the contract.

Contract Options

An Annual Contract 
One service in a 12 month period plus all the benefits included above. Recommended for equipment being used less than 10 times a day.

A Biannual Contract
Two services in a 12 month period at 6 monthly intervals plus all benefits outlined above. Recommended for equipment being used 10-30 times a day.

A Quarterly Contract
Four services in a 12 month period at 3 monthly intervals plus all benefits outlined above. Recommended for equipment being used 30+ times a day.

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