Roller Shutter Doors

Are you managing, building or designing a factory or warehouse? No doubt, you want any valuable items or machinery inside your facility to be as safe and secure as possible. With an industrial or commercial roller shutter from S.A.A, you can look forward to reliable and sturdy protection for your premises.

All of our roller shutters are manufactured from high-quality materials and expertly designed to provide excellent strength and security. They are ideal for all types of industries and can be designed to suit all requirements wether it be a car park shutter with a high usage motor or a security shutter only being used twice a day. 

With reliable manufacturing each S.A.A roller shutter provides unbeatable strength, superb security, and excellent value for money. These products can also feature a heavy-duty bottom rail fitted with durable PVC weather seal. This ensures your premises will be well protected from the elements; no rain, wind or dust will compromise your building’s safety. 


When airflow is required or desired, custom ventilation slots or perforations are available as options. These can be created at any interval specified.


Choose from a range of colours in powder coating, galvanised finish or polyurethane. Completed by qualified professionals.

Materials and Sizes

  • We use galvanised steel in 18 or 22 gauge and extruded steel for the bottom rail and the interlocking traditional 75mm lath for the curtain 
  • The curtain is secured on every second lath with a steel or nylon end lock for ease of motion and noise reduction.
  • The guides are folded steel C sections, available in 65mm deep x 30mm wide or 100mm deep x 30mm wide.
  • We can also also provide a windlock guide if necessary.
  • The barrel is manufactured from galvanised steel tubing of custom diameter size and thickness appropriate for the size and application of your project.
  • The barrel has self-lubricating bearings turning on a steel shaft.
  • For additional security your roller shutter can be fitted with either pinson locks or a ground bolt, if necessary both of these locks can be fitted to your roller shutter. 


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