High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors are common in high traffic applications where environmental control is critical. High Speed Doors are designed to operate at high cycles, opening and closing at speeds of up to 60″ per second. High Speed Doors provide for effective door seals while still allowing thru traffic.Common applications for high speed door include loading/receiving doors, cooler/freezers, clean rooms, car washes, logistics and warehousing applications.
All our self repairing high speed doors are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation. Doors come standard as 240 V single phase and include a control panel, radar sensors to detect motion and a photo sensor. Radar sensors are typically directed downward at a 45 deg angle to trigger the door upon the detection of motion. The photo cell mounted on the door track which sends a laser beam across the door plane prevents the high speed door from closing when an object , person or truck is in the way.
We can also install additional activation devices including a magnetic induction loop, remote controls or a pull cord switch.

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