Fire Rated Roller Shutters

The perfect solution to protect areas where you store or use flammable materials, where a high fire danger exists, or in those open areas where a fire cannot easily be contained. When activated, our fire shutters close automatically at a controlled rate to prevent the fire from spreading.

Also known as Fire Doors, (though these shutters are generally larger), they are fully customisable, and can operate like a standard roller shutter, or can be designed to go over openings where added protection from fire is desirable.

Labelling/Compliance Certificates

They are Fire Rated to BS 476 Part 22 and BS EN 16304:2014


The doors are available with manual push-up, hand chain or electric motor operation and are suitable for use in industrial or commercial environments or as loading doors for warehouse loading applications where fire safety is critical.


We offer a range of colours for powder coating, galvanised finish or polyurethane.


Our fire shutters are made to measure to suit your needs with varying fire protection levels from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Structure, Essential:

The LPC have a design guide which advises on all aspects of construction and is available from their offices. The following are most common methods of construction fire walls which support fire resistant roller shutters:-

  • Brick, Block or concrete involving a door opening with a concrete lintel across the head is suitable for up to 4 hour fire resistance.The minimum specification of the structural elements is advised in the design guide however the elements must be suitable for the requirement and able to securely hold steel fixings to support the door.
  • Steel goalpost frame insulation encapsulated to support a fire roller shutter can be used up to 2 hour fire resisting.The steel must be adequate to support the door and wall structure and be insulated, the steel is required to a Hp/A230m(-1) and a critical temperature of 400C. 25mm insulation is adequate for this.
  • Timber stud partition is suitable for up to 1 hour resistance however must be constructed to the minimum standard.
  • Approved specialist structure which has been tested to BS 476 part 22. to the relevant fire resistance in combination with a fire roller shutter.
  • Brick, block or concrete with steel lintel Insulated. Steel lintels must be insulated and flush when insulated with the block or brickwork max 2 hours fire resistance

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